‘Household, we have a problem’: Learning to work at home

In the second in a series of posts about living and working at home, dealing with the challenges and conflicts that may occur, Professor Binna Kandola draws on the experience of astronauts to suggest how we can minimise the irritations of the “capsule environment”.

“Can you keep that racket down? I’m trying to work here.”

“Do you have to do that here? I’m trying to have my dinner.”

“Who left that there? Can you tidy your stuff away after you finished please?”

Just a sample of the daily irritations that I’m sure are occurring in many households around the country at this very moment. Mundane as they sound, these are the very same issues faced by astronauts living and working in the International Space Station. The situation in which many of us now find ourselves in while working from home, has many similarities with the capsule environments extensively researched by NASA.

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