How to build trust when everyone is working separately

You’re trying to get on with a project but every few minutes, messages from your boss pop up on Slack (WORK) and kill your concentration. At first, you think your manager is trying to be supportive because prior to the pandemic, you worked together in the office. After a while, though, you get the impression that they are checking up on you, rather than checking you are OK.

A lack of trust is one of the key contributors to a toxic workplace. Often, it begins with managers and leaders and trickles down to the rest of the team, leading to problems with productivity, engagement, wellbeing and morale.

Unfortunately, research suggests mistrust is a major issue affecting workers, especially those working from home. In January, a Catalyst survey of more than 1,700 full-time employees in five countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, found only 46% of employees in Europe report feeling “often or always” trusted at work.

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