How to navigate racist interactions with family members this Christmas

Christmas is a time that is steeped in emotion, but this year may be particularly tumultuous. We have been pushed to our emotional limits, not only be because of the Covid situation and the last-minute changes of plans, but also the political mood of the moment.

Black Lives Matter and racial injustice has been on the news agenda this year, with arguments over the significance of taking the knee, posting black squares on social media, and the value of protesting during a pandemic.

The possibility of clashes on these issues might be even higher if you are unexpectedly spending Christmas with different people this year. Maybe you’re stuck in a bubble with your in-laws, you might be sitting down for turkey with housemates you barely know, or navigating off-hand remarks on the family Zoom.

So, how should you react if someone says something problematic or openly racist around the Christmas dinner table?

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