How to tackle work-from-home loneliness

Working from home comes with many benefits, from avoiding the morning rush on public transport to being able to spend more time with family and friends. Although setting up for the day on your sofa might sound like a dream come true, home-working does come with some downsides.

Loneliness is a big problem for many people who work remotely. According to data from global staffing firm Randstad USA and Apartment Guide, a majority of workers want flexibility, but more than a quarter (26%) feel isolated when working from home.

“Initially the idea of working from home felt completely amazing, but I noticed I was struggling to motivate myself and felt quite down in the middle of the day,” says Lorna Harris, 44, who runs a PR agency.

“Offices are designed for people, but if you live alone and work alone the day can be long,” she adds. “I now rent some office space a couple of days a week to break up the working week. Interacting with other freelancers is also crucial for me. Facebook and networking groups have been a great help.”

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