ONS figures reveal an Ethnicity Pay Gap far worse than the gender gap

Figures out today from the ONS reveal the Ethnicity Pay Gap is far worse than the Gender Pay Gap in the UK with employees from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic groups having the lowest median hourly pay in the UK. In the Bangladeshi group alone, earnings are on average 20% less than white British employees. On average, ethnic minorities earn 3.8% less than white ethnic groupsChinese and Indian workers received the highest earnings in 2018

The Ethnicity Pay Gap divide

London was unveiled as having the largest median hourly pay gap, with those of white ethnicity being paid 21.7% more than their ethnic minority counterparts. This data highlights the core issues assessed previously by the Equality Group which found that:

  • 75% of ethnic minority professionals noted that their professional success is down to personal merit, conviction and perseverance and not the guidance of professional support
  • 55% of ethnic minority Brits have been advised to be ‘more realistic’ about their career aspirations
  • 46% of ethnic minority professionals were advised to commence a career that was relevant to their skills or interests


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