Opportunities in HR unequal feel BAME HRs

A disconnect exists between BAME and white HR professionals’ perceptions of racial equality within their profession, according to exclusive research by HR magazine.

Our reader survey sought to explore perceptions of whether there is equal opportunity to progress in HR for all ethnicities, and HR professionals’ level of comfort tackling racial discrimination within the wider workforce.

It found that while 34% of white British and white non-British HR professionals felt there were definitely equal progression opportunities for all ethnicities in HR, only 3% of BAME HR professionals agreed. Additionally, 60% of BAME HR professionals said opportunities to progress were definitely not equal, compared to 4% of white professionals.

A significant barrier identified by the BAME HR professionals HR magazine surveyed was senior HR professionals’ unconscious bias, cited by 67%. Only 27% of white professionals identified this as a barrier to progression for their BAME colleagues.

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