Over 50% Of Women Have Never Asked For A Pay Rise & Confidence May Play A Big Part

The gender pay gap is still showing little sign of improvement. While companies have much more to do in this realm and arguably bear most of the responsibility, women themselves can begin to change the culture by pushing for equal salary increases. A recent poll, however, has found that more than half of women have never asked for a pay rise. And there may be a simple reason why.

Recruitment consultancy Robert Walters surveyed 9,000 employees on everything from workplace challenges to salary negotiations. Findings revealed that men were 23 percent more likely to negotiate a pay rise at any and all career stages. And even when women did the same, they were, on average, likely to receive two percent less of a rise than their male counterparts.

Several reasons are thought to be behind the statistics. Women admitted feeling stumped by a lack of opportunities and training and by the pressures of balancing work and family. Almost a quarter of women also reported feeling unconfident, compared with just 13 percent of men…

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