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Unconscious bias in action: four of the most common bias-related issues in people decisions

HR Zone
August 9, 2017
Awhile ago, I spoke to an investment banker who believed that he was far too clever to have unconscious biases. His argument was that he was so intelligent, everything passed through his…
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Changing hiring practices: Competency frameworks and moving away from bias

Training Journal
August 4, 2017
You’re probably already aware of which of the two categories you fall into. It’s the backbone of many personality tests, a favourite small talk topic and a simple way in which we…
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In praise of diversity

Financial World
August 1, 2017
My wife, daughter and I were lucky enough to go to the UEFA Champions League final in Cardiff in early June. Even better, our tickets only cost £16, which included a £1…
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Press Release: iLEAD Tools wins the CMI Management & Leadership Textbook of the Year Award 2016.

Press Release
February 6, 2016
Pearn Kandola win prestigious award at the 2016 CMI Management Book of the Year evening The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) last night revealed iLEADTM Tools, edited by Stuart Duff and published by…
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Press Release: Lack of Diversity found in the leadership of Premier League Football Clubs

Press Release
January 7, 2016
The results of a study by Professor Binna Kandola OBE examining the racial composition of professional football club leadership in the UK from players, coaches and key decision makers indicates that whilst…
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