Pearn Kandola partners with GoodCourse to deliver text-based D&I training to frontline workers

Pearn Kandola, one of the world’s leading D&I consultancies, has signed an exclusive partnership with GoodCourse, the London based training start-up, to bring diversity and inclusion training to frontline workers.

GoodCourse delivers short form L&D content, paired with embedded ‘Tik Tok’ style explainer videos. The courses include links to further information as well as multiple-choice and short-answer questions to ensure learner comprehension.

Remote and field-based employees make up approximately 80% of the workforce but have historically been difficult to reach with digital training solutions. GoodCourse makes it easy for employers to engage and train team members who may not have a laptop or LMS access, through the text-message learning platform.

Through the partnership, text-based D&I courses will, amongst others, include Allyship, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias training…

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