Press Release: Lack of Diversity found in the leadership of Premier League Football Clubs

The results of a study by Professor Binna Kandola OBE examining the racial composition of professional football club leadership in the UK from players, coaches and key decision makers indicates that whilst minorities have visibility they do not hold positions of authority. It has found that ‘off the pitch’ black and minority staff in leadership positions within Premier League Football Clubs are notable by their absence. Whilst players and fans are increasingly diverse those people running the clubs are not.

Black and minority ethnic players account for an estimated 25% of players in the 92 professional football clubs of the Premier League and the Football League. However, this season only 13% of Captains in the Premier League and Football League clubs are black.

Great strides have been made to remove overt racist behaviour from football. However it is recognised by psychologists that all of us are biased in some way and that some of these biases will be unconscious. The FA and football clubs need to pay more attention to biases, both conscious and unconscious, that can impact our decision making in terms of who we select, promote and develop for leadership roles within the game.

The Key Results:

Players and Captains

It is estimated that 25% of players currently playing with professional clubs are black or minority ethnic.

Since the start of the Premier League 17% of all the Captains have been black. The number of black Captains in the Premier League this season is 25%, although this number has varied over the years from 0% to 30%.

This season for all 92 professional clubs, i.e. the Premier League and the Football League, the percentage of black or minority Captains is 13%.

Coaching positions in the Premier League

There are a variety of coaching and coaching-related positions i.e. jobs which are involved with the players at different levels and age groups. Job titles used include Manager, Assistant Manager, Academy Manager. There are no black or minority staff to be found in any of these positions according to our data.

Specialist roles in the Premier League

There are only six people of South Asian origin in key positions in any of the clubs, none of them as players. Two are medical doctors and two are CFOs.

Senior Leadership in the Premier League

There is one black or minority person in all other senior positions which includes positions such as Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, General Manager.

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