Psychologist advises ‘nuanced approach’ to use of pronouns at work as Demi Lovato announces she is non-binary

The announcement that pop star and actress Demi Lovato is non-binary and officially changing their pronouns has reignited the debate about how to manage pronoun positioning at work.

Business psychologist and expert in LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion said that the issue requires careful examination and a ‘nuanced approach’.

Ashley Williams, business psychologist at Pearn Kandola gave some advice for employers considering how to do the ‘right thing’.

She said: “The simple fact that conversation around pronouns is picking up momentum is extremely positive. Misgendering a person can be hurtful, even if accidental, and therefore normalising the act of considering the pronouns before you use them is a powerful step forward.

“Whilst many organisations mandate the sharing of pronouns on email footers with the best intentions towards transgender and non-binary communities, it’s important to acknowledge that this initiative can have some unintended negative consequences too. There are two key points to consider…

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