The damaging psychological impact of constantly having to explain racism

Experiencing racism in your day-to-day life has a heavy and accumulative impact on your social, mental and emotional wellbeing.

But what is less frequently discussed is the damaging psychological impact of constantly having to explain what racism is – or why something is racist.

Whether it’s through the ignorance of employers or colleagues, well-meaning questions from friends, or belligerent demands for proof when trying to articulate an example of injustice – people of colour are frequently used as some kind of racism reference database.

And, in a world where Google exists, explaining racism seems like an utterly unnecessary additional burden to place on the shoulders of the people who are affected by it.

In recent weeks, there has been vital and nuanced conversation online about the downsides of ‘debating’ racism on TV and radio segments – and more journalists and commentators of colour are turning down requests to talk about the latest race row live on air.

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