The psychology of change: five useful tips for implementing and surviving change at work

By Stuart Duff, Head of Development, Pearn Kandola

We are all under constant pressure to change, whether that’s changing our work practices, changing habits that are no longer helpful or simply keeping up with new ways of working and living.

In the workplace, we are invariably having to change our routines or adapt to changing expectations and, whilst some employees will embrace the opportunity, for many others, it will feel both psychologically and physically demanding.

The reason for this is that change causes us to question our ability to do things differently. It means letting go of what is comfortable, familiar and safe, and embracing what is new and untested. Taking on change – even positive change – creates a risk of failure.

For example, getting promoted at work is seen as an event that should be celebrated, yet many people experience difficulty transitioning into the new role, as there are often new expectations, responsibilities and challenges.

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