What do you do if you hate your boss — and don’t want to quit?

It’s a tricky situation many employees have found themselves in. You’re in the perfect job and you enjoy the work, the hours are good and your colleagues are usually up for a post-work drink on a Friday. There’s just one problem — and it’s a big problem: your boss is awful.

Whether they’re a bully, incompetent or manipulative, bad bosses can make life extremely difficult and even derail a career. They’re also very common. According to a study by Life Meets Work 56% of American workers claim their boss is mildly or highly toxic.

A survey by the Equality Group found 63% of Brits state a bad boss is the number one reason why people quit their jobs — and half said their current or previous bosses have caused them significant anxiety and stress.

The Workplace Bullying Institute says there are 25 habits that can qualify a boss as a bully, including uncontrollable mood swings, credit-stealing, unreasonable demands, and gossiping. A useless boss can also have a serious impact on staff morale, particularly if employees are aware their manager is being paid a lot to do very little…

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