What kind of leadership can we expect from Boris Johnson?

Our new prime minister’s leadership style is markedly different from his predecessor’s. But perhaps this means he will succeed in areas where she struggled.

On 23 July, after months of speculation and campaigning, Boris Johnson was announced as the winner of the Conservative Party leadership competition and the UK’s new prime minister. Replacing Theresa May, Johnson emerged victorious after achieving two-thirds of the vote against his rival Jeremy Hunt.

Johnson becoming PM has led to people feeling excitement, fear, optimism and pessimism. But what is it about Johnson’s behaviour that has made him popular and taken him to Number 10?

It’s safe to say that Johnson is the polar opposite of his predecessor. A disparaging comparison would be May as the headteacher and Johnson the class joker. Having spent just over three years ruled by the structured, cautious and controlling Theresa May, how will Boris Johnson compare? And will he be able to move on from the Brexit deadlock the country has found itself in?

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