Why COVID-19 is no excuse to bring out the ‘race card’

During one of his regular press conferences, the World Health Organisation’s director-general spoke out about the racist abuse and threats that he has recently received. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that he had endured “personal attacks” and “racist comments” for as long as three months, with the abuse including “giving me names, black or negro.”

He seemed defiant in the face of this treatment, saying that he didn’t give a damn about the death threats that he has suffered and that he is “proud of being black, proud of being negro.” He clearly felt strongly about the issue, but it seemed to me as though he was trying to contain the real depth of his emotions. I suspect there is a great deal more that, in another time or place, he would like to have said. Despite his restraint though, his comments drew criticism from some quarters, with claims that he was playing the ‘race card’ in order to deflect criticism of his organisation’s performance during this on-going crisis.

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