Diverse views, one platform

Dashboard is a versatile online tool that revolutionises how you gather and process candidate data from Assessment & Development events. You can use it to manage the whole process, from recording assessor feedback and ratings to processing the data and producing feedback reports. The tool enables you to analyse outputs from events in an intuitive way.

Key benefits of Dashboard:

  • You can access Dashboard online, any time, anywhere
  • Its flexible reporting captures the information you need to make the right decisions
  • It’s designed to hold your organisation’s indicators, competencies and exercises
  • Candidates can view their results and generate a personal online development plan that can be shared with nominated colleagues to support their development
  • It streamlines the marking process as data entry and processing is minimised, ratings are entered directly onto the system and scoring is automated
  • Dashboard organises all exercise ratings and uses them to calculate a score for each competence, together with an overall score
  • Your data is readily accessed, enabling you to give feedback
  • It’s easy to check assessor scores and comments and maintain quality standards
  • Your data can be exported to other HR systems.
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