Grow your people and your business

It’s important to give your employees opportunities to grow and develop their talents. As they progress, it’s also vital that they continue to be invested in your organisation’s ambitions. That’s why we’ve created iLEAD Development Centre, an online tool that’s built around your organisation’s competency framework. This means that anyone who completes iLEAD will get specific and practical feedback based on the behaviours that matter most to your organisation.

Key benefits of iLEAD:

  • It’s supported by a range of online tools and diagnostics that you can complete in your own time
  • The tool assesses an employee’s leadership capabilities and potential
  • It then compares the results with their goals and aspirations – giving them a report and an action plan to develop their talents
  • The data is used to provide reports which can be fed back by internal Leadership & Development colleagues, or one of our psychologists
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