Recreate the way you work

Job simulations are an essential part of many selection processes. That’s why we’ve created Inbox, a web-based email simulation. It recreates a busy email inbox and enables you to make highly immersive and interactive business simulations. This helps you see how your candidates respond to your organisation’s working style. It also gives your candidates an insight into the daily demands of the role they’ve applied for.

Key benefits of Inbox:

  • It runs on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • You can choose a customised or an off-the-shelf version
  • It allows for attachments, creating an authentic look and feel
  • Emails can be sent in real time or on fictitious dates to help recreate various business scenarios
  • Scheduling enables emails to be sent to individuals or groups, allowing for complex timetable scenarios
  • It can be used to manage events remotely when combined with video conferencing
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