Inclusive Leader Tools

Inclusion inspires innovation

Organisations are only as inclusive as their leaders. If you look at some of the most successful businesses in the world today, you’ll see that they’re led by inclusive people. That’s because inclusive leaders get the best out of their employees, enabling their organisations to thrive. They inspire loyalty, motivation and success.

Our Inclusive Leader Tools are designed to give your leaders and managers insights into their biases and leadership style. We provide two tools to help them understand and embrace what they need to do to become truly inclusive:

  • The Inclusive Leader Survey
  • The Inclusive Leader Report

Inclusive Leader Survey

This is a survey that the leader, their immediate team and upper management complete to provide feedback on the leader’s skills, in relation to inclusive leadership. It’s based on three competencies: Culture, Relationships and Decision Making. These competencies are vital to inclusive leadership.

All questions are framed in behavioural terms, enabling you to provide feedback easily. The data is collected in a report that summarises an individual’s responses. These responses are then compared to the answers from direct reports and skip level.

Inclusive Leader Report

The Inclusive Leader Survey can be enhanced by adding other tools to it. This helps provide further feedback relating to inclusive leadership:


We have developed a specially tailored version of the Trait online personality questionnaire which links directly onto our Inclusive Leader model. The results provide a unique and in-depth understanding of potential behaviour in the three competencies of an inclusive leader. It enables strengths and development areas for each inclusive leader competency to be reliably and accurately identified, enabling each leader to create their own development plan.

Implicit Bias Tests

We have a series of online tests that measure unconscious bias. Research shows that our biases influence our behaviour towards other people. And that has an effect on how inclusive we are with them. By adding these tools to the Inclusive Leader Report, it’s possible to give people insights into their biases.

All reports can be used as part of our Inclusive Leadership Training Programmes, or used independently by organisations as part of their inclusion strategy.

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