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In partnership with Skill Boosters

Five ways to embrace difference

Now more than ever, it’s important for organisations to understand and tackle key diversity, bias and inclusion concerns. That’s why, in partnership with Skill Boosters, we’ve created online learning courses that get to the heart of these subjects.

Here’s what the online learning courses cover:

Gender bias

The belief that there are eternal and universal differences between the sexes is a popular one – but it’s not supported by the scientific research and continues to underpin gender inequality and discrimination both in the workplace and beyond. This course shows that tackling implicit bias around gender can deliver huge benefits across the board, both at an individual level and in terms of the performance of your organisation as a whole.

Inclusive leadership

Inclusive leaders know how to leverage a diversity of skills, experience and perspectives in a way that delivers competitive advantage for their organisation. This course looks at the signature traits of inclusive leadership and explains the skills required to become a highly inclusive team leader or manager.


Micro-behaviours are the tiny things that we say and do that tell those around us about what we’re feeling or thinking. We’re often not even aware of them happening, but they can have a huge impact on working relationships and team dynamics and are often a key indicator of unconscious bias. This course examines the impact that micro-behaviours can have on our working relationships. 

Unconscious bias

Getting to grips with unconscious bias is critical step to creating a fair and inclusive workplace. Understanding bias takes an in-depth look at the nature of bias and how it impacts on the workplace and what we can do to tackle it. The course provides psychological insights into how our own behaviour might be affected by prejudice and looks at what we can do to reduce or eliminate its influence in the decisions that we make.

Diversity challenge

Diversity is all about celebrating difference and valuing and respecting everyone in your workplace – regardless of factors such as ethnic background, religion, sexuality, age or gender. The Diversity Challenge course encourages your employees to challenge long-held misconceptions and prejudices about race, age, disability and all the other ways in which we differ, and appreciate the true benefits of a diverse workforce.


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