PK360: a bespoke way to speak up

PK360 is a customisable and cost-effective 360 feedback solution. It’s a flexible, open and web-hosted software that can be customised and branded to meet your organisations specific needs.

Key benefits of PK360:

  • There are no restrictions on the number of questions or competencies you can add, the rating scales used or other hosted content
  • Your reports, invitations and reminder emails use your language and can be customised with your corporate identity, to reflect your organisation’s brand and values
  • It allows for a wide range of survey response formats, enabling you to easily gather both internal and external responses
  • It’s online, so you don’t have any location or time constraints
  • Reports are straightforward, so it’s easy for recipients to understand their strengths and development areas
  • The simple, user-friendly interface encourages responses and requires no additional participant training
  • It’s cost-effective
  • Our psychologists can help validate your existing frameworks, develop the survey questions and give you additional support in the development process
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