PK:INDYNAMICS REMOTE is a swift and agile response to the millions of employees who are now working remotely with little preparation and support. Based on Pearn Kandola’s unique remote leadership research and client experience we have create a dynamic app that gives immediate insights on individuals remote working preferences and inclusion within the team. Quick and easy to use, the app will help every leader and team member operating in the new world of remote.

We all adapt to remote working in different ways. Some will thrive on the day-to-day variety, while some will adapt by creating structure and routine. PK:INDYNAMICS REMOTE provides feedback on how equipped individuals are to work remotely.  Having clear insights on individual differences in work style will enable team members and leaders to build on a team’s strengths and manage the risks, thus accelerating the effectiveness and productivity of remote teams.

  • Complete quickly online, at your own convenience.
  • Instant access to results.
  • Reach team members across broad geographies.
  • Cost effective.

For the individual:

  • Understand strengths and weaknesses in your remote work style.
  • Guidance on how to be more effective.

For your organisation:

  • Clear insights on team effectiveness of remote working.
  • Build on team strengths and manage the risks of remote working.
  • Identify hotspots where greater support is required.
  • Accelerate effectiveness of teams.

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