Modern racism

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  • How Raheem Sterling is shining a spotlight on modern racism
    Modern racism
    Racism in football is a controversial topic, but it’s one that has recently been brought to the fore by Manchester City player, Raheem Sterling.
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 1: Micro-incivilities – their impact on individuals and their wellbeing
    Modern racism, Podcast, Unconscious bias
    Micro-incivilities by their name are small but have a cumulative effect on the individual. Is the workplace ready to even have this conversation yet?
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 3: Education – trusting children with the truth
    Modern racism, Podcast
    When should we start teaching children about racism, is it ever too early? Karen Murphy and I discussed how racism shaped history.
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 4: Universities – are they still failing BAME staff and students?
    Modern racism, Podcast
    Racism is still shockingly prevalent on university campuses and is keenly felt by both students and staff.
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 6: Racism in sport – does football hold a mirror up to society?
    Modern racism, Podcast
    Is football just another workplace where modern racism is prevalent? How can we make sure that this discussion translates into action?
  • What is considered racism at work and how do I make a complaint?
    Modern racism
    The idea that racism is alive and well in our workplaces is an uncomfortable one. However, research we have conducted at Pearn Kandola has found...
  • What is modern racism? How and why racism has mutated
    Modern racism
    Racism has been likened to a virus that mutates, taking on different forms as it adapts to a changing environment.
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