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  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 1: Micro-incivilities – their impact on individuals and their wellbeing
    Modern racism, Podcast, Unconscious bias
    Micro-incivilities by their name are small but have a cumulative effect on the individual. Is the workplace ready to even have this conversation yet?
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 2: Leadership – diversity and the tone at the top
    Podcast, Role of leadership
    We all have a picture in our heads of what a leader should look like. Trouble is - these pictures are loaded with bias
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 3: Education – trusting children with the truth
    Modern racism, Podcast
    When should we start teaching children about racism, is it ever too early? Karen Murphy and I discussed how racism shaped history.
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 4: Universities – are they still failing BAME staff and students?
    Modern racism, Podcast
    Racism is still shockingly prevalent on university campuses and is keenly felt by both students and staff.
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 5: AI – is it bias, and what does that mean for the workplace?
    Podcast, Unconscious bias
    The role AI has to play in the future of our workplaces and how our bias (conscious or unconscious) can be directly transferred into its algorithms.
  • Racism at Work Podcast Episode 6: Racism in sport – does football hold a mirror up to society?
    Modern racism, Podcast
    Is football just another workplace where modern racism is prevalent? How can we make sure that this discussion translates into action?
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