Racism at Work

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    Racism at Work Podcast Episode 6: Racism in sport – does football hold a mirror up to society?
    Modern racism, Podcast
    Is football just another workplace where modern racism is prevalent? How can we make sure that this discussion translates into action?
    Racism at Work Podcast Episode 5: AI – is it bias, and what does that mean for the workplace?
    Podcast, Unconscious bias
    The role AI has to play in the future of our workplaces and how our bias (conscious or unconscious) can be directly transferred into its algorithms.
    Racism at Work Podcast Episode 4: Universities – are they still failing BAME staff and students?
    Modern racism, Podcast
    Racism is still shockingly prevalent on university campuses and is keenly felt by both students and staff.
    Racism at Work Podcast Episode 3: Education – trusting children with the truth
    Modern racism, Podcast
    When should we start teaching children about racism, is it ever too early? Karen Murphy and I discussed how racism shaped history.
    Racism at Work Podcast Episode 2: Leadership – diversity and the tone at the top
    Podcast, Role of leadership
    We all have a picture in our heads of what a leader should look like. Trouble is - these pictures are loaded with bias
    Racism at Work Podcast Episode 1: Micro-incivilities – their impact on individuals and their wellbeing
    Modern racism, Podcast, Unconscious bias
    Micro-incivilities by their name are small but have a cumulative effect on the individual. Is the workplace ready to even have this conversation yet?
    What is modern racism? How and why racism has mutated
    Modern racism
    Racism has been likened to a virus that mutates, taking on different forms as it adapts to a changing environment.
    Intersectionality: What is it and how does it affect the workplace?  
    Future of the workplace
    While society has made progress in recognising gender and BAME  groups in their own respective rights, recognition of intersectionality is still...
    What is considered racism at work and how do I make a complaint?
    Modern racism
    The idea that racism is alive and well in our workplaces is an uncomfortable one. However, research we have conducted at Pearn Kandola has found...
    How micro-incivilities can impact wellbeing
    Future of the workplace
    Micro-incivilities, are commonplace behaviours or aspects of an environment which signal that someone doesn’t belong, or they’re not welcome.
    Why the race pay gap deserves the same attention as the gender pay gap
    Future of the workplace
    In 2018, the gender pay gap took up a lot of column inches. Whether it be large businesses having to publicly declare their pay discrepancies...
    How Raheem Sterling is shining a spotlight on modern racism
    Modern racism
    Racism in football is a controversial topic, but it’s one that has recently been brought to the fore by Manchester City player, Raheem Sterling.
    What exactly is unconscious bias?
    Unconscious bias
    Most of us would never describe ourselves as racist. Yet, while we see ourselves as liberal, egalitarian and open-minded, both as individuals and...
    4 ways leaders can build an inclusive culture
    Role of leadership
    For several years now, highly regarded research institutions have investigated the impact of diversity on innovation. The evidence is clear...
    Are appointments doomed to bias?
    Unconscious bias
    When organisations are consciously trying to establish and hit diversity targets, they may implement an ‘identity-conscious’ approach to recruitment.
    Does a racial hierarchy exist in your company?
    Future of the workplace
    We’re all aware that there are structural, explicit hierarchies in the workplace. These might be as simple as layers of authority to determine a...
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