Assessment Centres

Find the right people for your business

People often use our assessment centres to measure how suitable a candidate is for a role at their organisation. Here’s how our expert psychologists design them for your business:

  • Solutions created just for you

    Off-the-shelf assessment exercises aren’t very effective when you’re trying to predict a candidate’s performance. That’s why our assessment exercises are customised to reflect the specific culture, challenges and opportunities that your people face.

  • Recruitment, inspired by innovation

    Our unique online assessor platform lets you capture and analyse your candidates’ performance quickly, easily and securely. We also provide you with software that allows materials to be electronically delivered to candidates, increasing the realism and efficiency of assessments.

  • Replacing obstacles with opportunities

    We use our diversity expertise to identify areas of risk during recruitment, such as gender or culturally biased criteria. The result is that more candidates perform at their best, which leads to more diversity and better decision making.

  • Turning good assessments into great ones

    Good assessments tell you if a candidate is ready to enter a new role. Great assessments also tell you about a candidate’s long-term potential. We integrate our unique indicators of potential into our assessments to ensure that the right decisions are made.

Microsoft have worked with Pearn Kandola on many projects including individual and team coaching, management development and assessment centres. Their team of psychologists understand our business, provide creative solutions, as well as valuable insights to help our people develop their expertise in managing themselves and others.
Noel Boyle
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