Coaching & Mentoring Workshops

How to turn your workplace into a positive space

One of the key roles of your line managers is to bring what they learn at development initiatives back into your business.

That’s where our Coaching & Mentoring Workshops come in. They develop and consolidate the key skills that research tells us are essential in creating an environment where everyone thrives. Key components of the workshops include:

  • Supporting and shaping goals that have impact
  • Motivating everyone to achieve
  • Coaching for performance
  • Creating opportunities to excel
  • Supporting short- and long-term development
  • Individual differences – getting the best from your team
When I started working with Louise, I felt very blocked about the professional challenges I was facing and could not see any way forward. Louise, with great compassion and patience, helped me to put these difficulties into perspective and to develop new tools to tackle them. I regularly put these tools into practice even now.
Senior leader, retail sector
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