Combating Gender Bias

Close the gender gap

There is far more gender diversity in organisations today. The will for action is there, but the results are often patchy. There is still  work to be done.

An organisation’s typical response is to focus on improving processes, often because they’re the easiest things to correct. This means attitudes towards gender are often left unchallenged. Stereotyping remains a major cause of gender inequality. Changing attitudes has been difficult and time consuming. Until now.

We’ve been working with The Bias Gym to bring you SCULPT. Based on extensive scientific research, SCULPT is an innovative and effective approach to combating gender stereotypes. For less than five minutes a day, SCULPT challenges the associations made between men and women—replacing faulty stereotypes with new, more accurate mental associations. SCULPT can be completed at your desk or on-the-go, using your smartphone or tablet—making it easier for you to integrate into a day’s work.


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