Assessment for Development Centres

Turn your talent into your asset

A key tool in any talent management programme is a development centre that enables your organisation to:

  • Evaluate the strength of your talent pool
  • Plan and target how to develop and realise your talent pool’s potential
  • Communicate the value your organisation places on your leadership talent

But your development centre can be more than simply a measurement tool to support your business metrics. It’s also a developmental opportunity in itself. You can deepen your self-awareness, learn new leadership skills and create a tailored plan to manage your own ongoing development.

Development centres are a significant investment, so you need to know they will deliver results. That’s why we optimise the return on this investment through:

  • Our research and sector experience
  • Expertise of our psychologist assessors
  • The professionalism of our actor role-players
  • Our flexibility in working with your own internal assessors and coaches

Using assessment elements before the event, we fast-track any coaching support. We also use our own software solutions to improve the efficiency and impact of exercise briefings and capture and process feedback.


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