Diversity & Inclusion Climate

The diversity spectrum: where does your business stand?

Our audits evaluate where your organisation stands on its approach to Diversity & Inclusion. We review your overall approach and look at the extent to which your people contribute towards, and experience, an inclusive working environment.

We do this by examining three elements relating to your organisation and three elements relating to your people.

Organisational elements

  • Embedded

    We look at the extent to which Diversity & Inclusion is entrenched in your key departments. These include recruitment, leadership and development, training programmes, talent reviews and wider business communications.

  • Commitment

    We analyse how much progress is being made across your organisation. That’s avoiding one-off Diversity & Inclusion initiatives or activities.

  • Data

    We explore how you use Diversity & Inclusion data – covering areas such as reviews of succession plans and involuntary turnover.

People elements

  • Your individuals

    Do your employees, especially those from minority backgrounds, feel they fit in? Are they valued, invested in, and engaged in their day-to-day work?

  • Your leaders and managers

    We assess the ability of your key people to be role models for inclusive behaviour. We look at the extent to which they embed and communicate Diversity & Inclusion. This can be in the form of business plans or setting expectations to their teams regarding the importance of Diversity & Inclusion.

  • Your culture

    We look at the overall environment of your organisation. This can include the extent to which you value uniqueness, different ways of doing things, and how safe your people feel to be open about themselves and their opinions.

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