Diversity Development Centres

Give your leaders the power of difference

We have a proud history of creating effective and engaging diversity development centres. Using the structure of a traditional development centre, we put your leaders through their paces in a variety of diversity-related scenarios. Their approach is observed by our Development and Diversity & Inclusion specialists. They’re able to give your leaders practical, detailed feedback about their personal strengths and areas for development—in the way they manage Diversity & Inclusion. The feedback is included in personal development plans and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Independent research into our diversity development centres has found that they have a long-term impact on behaviour change amongst managers and leaders and that they bring about significant improvements in their Diversity & Inclusion skills.

Our centres typically comprise one-day workshops. They are highly experiential in nature and are designed to replicate real work situations in your organisation. Participants are put through their paces in handling Diversity & Inclusion concerns.

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