Graduate Recruitment

How to discover new talent

Diversity, distinctiveness and efficiency. They form the foundation of our graduate recruitment solution. At each stage of the attraction and selection process offer expertise in three areas.

Increase diversity of talent by:

  • Giving you advice on inclusive attraction strategies
  • Helping you avoid adverse impact by using Situational Judgement Tests, instead of traditional psychometric tests
  • Developing thorough, consistent and fair assessment exercises
  • Delivering assessor skills training that addresses unconscious bias.

Make your organisation different by:

  • Using video-based screening tools and realistic job previews to bring roles to life, while highlighting your brand, culture and benefits
  • Developing customised assessment exercises that increase insights and interest in your roles, making your organisation even more attractive in the process
  • Integrating relationship building and answering candidate questions as part of our Interview Skills training.

Deliver efficient end-to-end selection by:

  • Designing Situational Judgement Tests that measure a broad range of important qualities, so the right candidates reach later stages
  • Using technology to speed-up assessments, like our unique Dashboard platform, which allows online scoring of candidates without the need for debrief meetings that introduce bias.
As trusted advisors, Pearn Kandola took the time to understand our business needs and provide commercially viable solutions that focused on what was important.
Kate Hollis, Senior HR Manager
Bircham Dyson Bell LLP
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