High Potentials

Discover tomorrow’s leaders

Hiring graduates who will be future leaders; focusing development resources in the right areas. The benefits of identifying great potential are obvious, but do you know who your high potentials are? How can you spot them earlier and be more confident that you’ve got it right?

Our research has identified the key building blocks that define a person’s ability to learn and develop new skills and abilities- the indicators that define people’s potential.

What are the benefits of our approach?

  • We go beyond current performance

    Great technicians don’t always make great leaders. We help you look beyond current performance to see what really predicts a person’s potential.

  • We offer clear evidence

    Our unique research shows how people learn new skills and apply them effectively. For example, our research on ‘The Leader’s Journey’ involved interviews with 30 senior leaders in major corporations. They revealed key insights about traits that enable potential to be realised.

  • We assess potential at all levels

    Individual contributors, managers, leaders. We can assess the potential of your people at any level or career stage,  enabling you to manage talent the way you want to.

Professional, responsive and trustworthy with a strong commercial edge. Provided a balanced assessment for candidates as well as the business.
Karen Castle, Head of HR
Johnsons Cleaners
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