Individual Assessments

How to hire the right senior talent

Is senior level recruitment an opportunity or a risk? Well, it’s both. That’s because senior appointments can go either way. They could add to or reduce the value of a business. To help you do due diligence and make the right hiring decisions, we:

Avoid assumptions

The requirements and contexts of each role are unique. Understanding them is critical to figuring out which candidates will deliver.

Gain deeper insights

We combine interviews, psychometric tests and a bespoke work sample to really understand what candidates will do and how well they will do it.

Enable decision-making

Assessments are only as good as the decisions that are based on them. We provide clear recommendations against your specific requirements. You won’t need leaps of faith or any interpretation. To make sure our messages are clear, we offer verbal feedback to decision makers.

I would highly recommend Pearn Kandola. We have done a range of executive assessments with them and their advice was always spot on.
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