Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

Get the whole picture

It’s important for your workforce to get an all-round view of Diversity & Inclusion. We have a lot of experience in designing and delivering programmes that offer people the general knowledge they need to understand and discuss the key concepts of Diversity & Inclusion.

We create bespoke programmes to suit the needs of your organisation. These can include:

  • Key Diversity & Inclusion definitions and legislative overviews
  • An understanding of the business impact of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Exploring barriers and actions
  • Practical action plans, with meaningful next steps that you can implement

To bring relevant workplace scenarios to life, we frequently involve professional actors in our courses. This enables your people to hone their skills in responding to and managing a range of Diversity & Inclusion-related situations.

Although the scenarios in each session are bespoke, they might include topics such as:

  • Challenging inappropriate behaviour
  • Dealing with harassment complaints (meetings with both complainants and respondents)
  • Responding to a request for flexible working
  • Making reasonable adjustments at your workplace

These programmes are also suitable for staff who have some understanding of Diversity & Inclusion. That’s because we give you the opportunity to explore situations in more detail and practise your skills. This builds confidence, which means your people are more likely to use what they learn in real-life situations. We also let you develop scenarios based on your experiences – further increasing your learning so that you can transfer it back to your workplace.

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