Performance Management Workshops

Employer fairness inspires employee faithfulness

Good performance management is essential when you’re bringing your organisation’s vision and mission to life. Whether you want to strengthen current good practices or reflect changing business needs, it’s critical that your leaders are equipped to communicate your organisation’s vision and translate it into individual performance goals.

We can help you establish an approach that’s fair, consistent and transparent. So everyone knows the role they play, how that fits with the overall strategy and what they need to do to increase their impact on your business.

One challenge is to make sure bureaucracy and form-filling don’t overshadow the true purpose of any performance management processes. It’s all about having high-quality conversations. We give your leaders the confidence to share honest, useful feedback and address any potential performance problems before they escalate. We also help them recognise and praise success where it’s due.

In addition, we equip leaders with the skills to support their team members’ personal development. This might be through:

  • Gaining a better appreciation of an individual’s motivations and career aspirations
  • Using coaching to help team members address any performance barriers
  • Enabling career progression through developmental opportunities

Fair treatment is a powerful driver of employee loyalty and engagement. It’s especially important to make sure your processes and the way that they’re implemented provide equal opportunities to succeed and progress, regardless of background.

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