Talent Management

Discover your best talent, using the fairest ways

As part of our integrated Talent Management Strategy, we help you tackle some difficult questions:

  • How can your organisation measure potential?
  • What developmental support do your people really want?
  • How can you make sure any development opportunities are available to all?
  • How can you maximise learning within a development centre?
  • How can you benchmark your leaders?

Here’s how we go about the process:

  • We help you identify leadership talent in your organisation

    Achieving this means challenging your assumptions about what makes a good leader. It also means encouraging an open and inclusive attitude to nurturing leadership talent at every level.

  • We help you shape opportunities

    These opportunities help you nurture and manage your talent. They make sure valuable individuals are not left on the sidelines

  • We offer developmental experiences

    Experiences that enable your leaders to recognise and make the most of their strengths. They also help your people add new skills and ideas to their leadership repertoire.

  • We support people on their leadership journey

    We do this by providing coaching and resources to further develop their self-awareness, capability and confidence.

We help you take an integrated approach to talent management. By evaluating the best combination of assessment and development, we help you reach the right people across the organisation. We do all this within the constraints of your organisation’s budgets and needs.

It’s easy to conform to stereotype. We all hold prototypes of leaders and talented employees. Our process focusses on not just finding talent, but doing so in the fairest ways.

The impact of the work that Stuart and Pearn Kandola have conducted has been significant. It has provided powerful learning opportunities for our senior leaders and enabled the business to review the talent strategy. This success has now translated into a leadership programme to identify and develop our future leader population at Hays.
Kathy Morris, Head of  Learning and Development
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