Unconscious Bias

Take bias out of your business

We are all biased. It’s important for everyone to recognise this fact. It helps us move forward and focus on what we can do about our biases. We develop Unconscious Bias workshops to address your organisation’s specific needs. They can be delivered in a variety of formats and are suitable for individuals or groups at all levels of your organisation.

The workshops are designed to equip you with:

  • Insights into the fact that everyone has unconscious bias
  • An understanding of the most common forms of bias in the workplace
  • Recognition of how your biases play out in your organisation
  • Clear, practical actions that you can use to manage your own biases, and the biases of people around you

We don’t just stop at workshops. We want our interventions to be meaningful and behaviour changing, so we like to work with your organisation to develop easy follow-up strategies. These help us check that your actions are being implemented. Our unconscious bias training has been evaluated and found to be highly engaging, insightful and linked to positive behaviour change.

We also develop and run Unconscious Bias workshops for HR Business Partners, and for people looking to develop an expertise in unconscious bias. Our unconscious bias workshops are frequently delivered face-to-face, but we’ve also created an e-learning and DVD resource, available through Skill Boosters.

We’ve created a Train the Trainer package that’s been successfully introduced by a number of organisations.

When all the workshop elements come together, you can see that people have really got the message.
Vicky Bawa, Diversity Programme Manager
Department for Transport


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