Understanding Micro-incivilities

The little things that make a big difference

A quick glance at your watch. Failing to acknowledge your colleague’s suggestion. Checking your texts in a meeting. Forgetting a name. The little things you do say a lot about what you’re really thinking. They can send powerful messages to the people around you.

These tiny, often unconscious things that we all do or say are called micro-incivilities. They make those around us feel included, valued and motivated – or excluded, unappreciated and disrespected. Long overlooked in the workplace, micro-incivilities are increasingly seen as a crucial part of building employee engagement, improving performance, boosting motivation and unlocking creativity.

We build our knowledge of micro-incivilities into our workshops. We also run briefings solely on how to tackle micro-incivilities. Together with Skill Boosters, we’ve also produced a new e-learning package introducing and explaining the effect of micro-incivilities in the workplace.

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