Watch Now! Education and Celebration: How to take pride in your LGBT+ Employees

It is vital to balance Pride Month’s celebrations of the huge strides towards LGBT+ equality with the recognition that there is still a long way to go. In this series, we cover a range of topics and offer practical steps individuals and organisations can take to support the LGBT+ community.

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Attitudes, stigma, and the LGBT+ community: It’s not the fish, it’s the water

This webinar, presented by Professor Binna Kandola OBE, examines how context and societal norms impact the stereotypes and attitudes towards the LGBT+ community. In particular, the webinar explores how people from this community came to be stigmatised by an examination of people’s attitudes through history.

Language matters: Deconstructing the LGBTQIA+ acronym

From the way we address our colleagues to the way we market our services, the language we use matters. Language plays an important part in helping people feel seen by having their identities recognised; this is especially true for marginalised communities such as the LGBT+ community. In this webinar, Alexia Karageorghis explores how to navigate LGBT+ terminology.

Gender Pronouns: More than just email footers

Misgendering a person can be extremely hurtful, which is why many organisations have taken steps to minimise this, including the sharing of gender pronouns on email footers. However, this initiative can also have some unintended negative consequences. In this webinar, Dr Ashley Williams discusses the importance of normalising conversation about pronouns, and the reasons why we need to consider steps beyond sharing pronouns on email footers.

Sexuality and race: Identity, invisibility, and impact

Up until the recent past, researchers have paid little attention to the intersections between race and sexuality – in many instances they have been treated as separate topics. This webinar examines this topic in more detail and looks at how race and sexuality have an impact on minorities and their identities. It also examines how organisations can take a more all-embracing approach, which is genuinely inclusive of all members of the LGBT+ community.

Allyship: Beyond Pride

Allies play a vital role in progressing LGBT+ equality. Although many people would consider themselves to be supportive allies, it can be difficult to know how to continually show support for the LGBT+ community. In this webinar, Dr Ashley Williams shares what it means to be an ally, and offers some practical ways that you can support the LGBT+ community all year round.

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