Watch Now: Employee Pride? What really happens to your LGBT+ employees at work

Our contribution to LGBT+ History Month took an in-depth look into LGBT+ employees’ experiences in the workplace. We looked at: what language is appropriate to use; the unique forms of exclusion the LGBT+ community face; the stereotypes and attitudes towards the LGBT+ community; how to cultivate an organisational culture where your LGBT+ employees feel safe to be themselves; and the practical steps to create an LGBT+ inclusive workplace.

LGBTQIA+: Deconstructing the acronym

From the way we address our colleagues to the way we market our services, the language we use matters. Language plays an important part in helping people feel seen by having their identities recognised; this is especially true for marginalised communities such as the LGBT+ community. In the first webinar of this series, Alexia Karageorghis explores how to navigate LGBT+ terminology.

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Discrimination and exclusion: Exploring LGBT+ experiences at work

Research indicates that LGBT+ employees face greater levels of discrimination and exclusion at work than any other marginalised community. In addition to recruitment, pay and promotion discrimination, LGBT+ individuals experience many unique forms of exclusion. In this webinar, Ashley Williams discusses key pieces of research that shed some light on the unique workplace experiences of LGBT+ employees.

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It’s not the fish it’s the water: Attitudes, stigma and the LGBT+ community

This webinar, presented by Binna Kandola, examines how context and societal norms impact the stereotypes and attitudes towards the LGBT+ community. In particular, the webinar explores how people from this community came to be stigmatised and does so by an examination of people’s attitudes through history.

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Conceal or Reveal? In pursuit of authenticity at work

In every novel social interaction at work, LGBT+ employees must make a choice: whether to pass as a member of the majority, or whether to come out as a visible member of the LGBT+ community. In this webinar, Alexia Karageorghis outlines the consequences of concealing LGBT+ identities and explores how organisations can create a culture which promotes authenticity.

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Taking pride in inclusion: Practical steps to creating an LGBT+ inclusive workplace

Our research has highlighted some of the common pitfalls in the successful implementation of LGBT+ diversity and inclusion strategies. In this webinar, Ashley Williams shares some of the barriers that may be limiting the success of your interventions, and the practical steps you can take to enhance LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

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