Watch now: Exploring Different Facets of Race at Work Series

This series of webinars examines the topic of race from a variety of different angles: historical (racial trauma), statistical (the race pay gap), behavioural (countering micro-incivilities), psychological (belonging), and emotional (having meaningful conversations). Each webinar will focus on the different dimension of race, in particular, in the workplace. The webinars will have practical actions that people can take and, more important than that, is the dialogue and discussion that will be generated.

Why do we Have to Keep Talking about The Slave Trade?

Professor Binna Kandola OBE examines the topic of racial trauma: what it is, it’s different manifestations, and the impact it has on people.

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Tackling the Race Pay Gap

With just 3% of organisations in the UK currently publishing their ethnicity pay gap on a voluntary basis, only estimates are available at this stage of the UK’s ethnicity pay gap. Most consistent estimates put it in the region of 17%; however this headline figure hides significant variations between different ethnicity minority groups. In this webinar, Dr Nic Hammarling explores the ways in which the drivers behind gender and race pay gaps overlap. We also explore the lessons learned from tackling the gender pay gap – what works and what doesn’t – and which of these lessons can be applied to tackling the race pay gap in the UK.

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Managing Micro-Incivilities in the Workplace

Micro-incivilities are ‘the kind of daily, commonplace behaviours or aspects of an environment which signal unwittingly to members of out-groups that they do not belong and are not welcome’ (Kandola 2018). Race based micro-incivilities are commonly experienced in workplaces across the UK. In this seminar, Louise discusses how organisations and individuals can address racial micro-incivility in the workplace.

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Celebrating our Diversity and Promoting Belonging

Black History Month is an opportunity for everyone to pause and recognise the impact that Black people have had on the World today. But how do we keep the conversations going? Rather than limited to a month, how can we make sure that we have a range of identities reflected in our workplaces and organisational cultures? Jonathan Taylor explains how we can promote a greater sense of belonging in our organisations. Jonathan also explores the barriers that exist in many workplaces, and how together we can push through these to create cultures that celebrate their diversity.

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Why are the Topics of Race and Racism so Difficult to Talk About?

This webinar provides some explanations to that question. Professor Binna Kandola OBE looks at the emotions raised when discussing race, the reactions to such discussions, and how we can go about perhaps having more meaningful dialogue in the future.

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