Watch now: Big talk, little progress: Gender equality in organisations and how to make it a reality

There has been much talk around gender equality in organisations, but actions have been far from effective; some would argue things are getting worse…

Our contribution to International Women’s Day explores why we are making such limited progress on gender equality and what actions we can take to make it a reality. We look at:

  • the historical origins of gender bias;
  • what we can do to address the main drivers of inequality;
  • how to reduce gender-based micro-incivilities;
  • why we are making such little progress on the gender pay gap;
  • and how intersections of race and gender have significant implications on who is considered a suitable leader.
The invention of difference: the story of gender bias at work

Professor Binna Kandola OBE and Dr Jo Kandola examine how today’s gender inequality stems not from biology or evolution but social constructs, viewpoints, and bias. Using historical, sociological and psychological perspectives, they demonstrate where our ideas of gender come from, how they operate in the world of work, and what we can do to change them… if we really want to.

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Gender stereotypes: their prevalence, impact, and what to do about them

Despite the fact that there is no evidence that men and women possess different skills and abilities, gender stereotypes underpin many of the disparities observed within organisations. Dr Jo Kandola explores the prevalence of gender stereotypes, their impact, and crucially what we can do about them.

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How to manage gender based micro-incivilities in the workplace

Micro-incivilities are ‘the kind of daily, commonplace behaviours or aspects of an environment which signal unwittingly to members of out-groups that they do not belong and are not welcome’ (Kandola 2018). Louise Weston discusses:

  • how to identify gender based micro-incivility in the workplace
  • the underlying factors behind them
  • what we can do to minimise their impact in our own workplaces.

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The gender pay gap: why are we making such little progress?

Gender pay gap reporting was introduced in 2017 but even with this increased spotlight on a major disparity between men and women in the workplace, little progress has been made. Dr Jo Kandola explores why and in particular looks at some of the actions organisations are taking – and why they are likely to have little impact. Crucially, Jo considers what is at the heart of the gender pay gap and what we need to do about it.

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Leadership prototypes: gender and race stereotypes

Without realising it, we have expectations about what a leader should look like and be like. Professor Binna Kandola OBE discusses the implications for gender bias in stereotypes of leadership. This webinar also examines the different stereotypes that exist for white men and women and those for men and women of colour – these also have significant implications on who is considered suitable for leadership roles.

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