Watch Now! How to Regulate your Mental Health and Wellbeing

As part of our contribution to Mental Health Awareness Month, we are looking in depth at a variety of topics aimed at helping you to manage your mental health and wellbeing in these uncertain times.


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How to Replenish Your Energy Levels

Many of us are feeling fatigued from the constant pressures in our lives. We are not machines – we operate best in bursts of activity followed by proper rest and recovery. Join Jonathan Taylor who explores the psychology behind what influences our perception of ‘stress’ and the most effective ways to replenish your energy levels and maximise recovery.

How to Manage Your Anxiety

Janet Tarasofsky looks at what exactly anxiety is, how it manifests psychologically and physiologically, its impact on our behaviours, and most importantly offers her guidance on what we can do about it

How Discrimination Affects Minority Groups’ Wellbeing and Performance

It is clear that discrimination and prejudice affect the wellbeing of those on the receiving end and that poor wellbeing can have a huge impact on performance, but the link is often missed between these two things. In this webinar, Bailey Bell explores the social experiences of individuals from minority groups at work, how these experiences impact on their wellbeing and in turn have a detrimental effect on performance, and crucially – offers individuals and organisations practical advice on how to overcome this.

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