Watch now: Minimising micro-incivilities in the workplace

Micro-incivilities are ‘the kind of daily, commonplace behaviours or aspects of an environment which signal wittingly to members of out-groups that they do not belong and are not welcome’ (Kandola 2018). Given they are so commonplace in our businesses, a key question for organisations and individuals is “What can we do about Micro-Incivility in the workplace?“

Micro-resistances are the antidote to micro-incivilities. These are small actions or micro messages that we can build into our work and teams to create a more inclusive environment.

In this seminar, Louise Weston will share her Workplace Micro-Resistances Response framework as a way of considering how both individuals and organisations can take action to minimise the instances and impact of micro-incivilities in the workplace and promote inclusion and organisational citizenship behaviours. She will also share a number of online tools that can be used to explore and combat the unconscious biases that can be manifested through micro-incivility.

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