One year in lockdown: Watch now! Lessons learned from the past 12 months of research

This week-long series of webinars presents the research we have conducted since March 2020 – with much of that time being spent in lockdown.

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How to make living and working from home work for you

For many of us, our homes are the places in which we have been both living and working for much of the past year. We asked a sample of people to tell us the lessons they learnt and what advice they have been given about working from home – from their children in particular. Based on this research, Professor Binna Kandola OBE investigates how you can make living and working at home more manageable and enjoyable.

Covid-19 & anti-Chinese prejudice: The virus of racism – one year on

Our research into anti-Chinese racism since the outbreak of Covid-19 found significant increases in people experiencing racism in the UK and USA because of their ethnicity. One year on, our latest research explores the extent to which this has improved or worsened and what organisations can do to help.

The psychological impact of furlough

As we look back at 2020, one of the most significant yet potentially overlooked events of the year was the creation of the Government’s Job Retention Scheme, more widely referred to as ‘furlough’. In many ways positive for employers, the furlough scheme nonetheless could have a deep and lasting psychological impact on many employees in the coming years. This webinar presents Pearn Kandola’s research data on the psychological impact of furlough and looks at both the short and long-term implications.

And the loser is…. 

We analyse the Oscars, BRIT Awards and BAFTAs nominees and winners by race and gender to see how diverse the entertainment industry really is. We will examine how much (or how little) has changed in response to campaigns such as #OscarsSoWhite. By examining the winners of these awards, we will draw broader conclusions about opportunities and recognition in any workplace, whether connected to the entertainment industry or not.

Diversity & inclusion post coronavirus

As well as conducting research, Pearn Kandola regularly carries out literature reviews. This final webinar in the series looks at some of the research that has been carried out since the start of the pandemic. In particular, we will examine the impact that it has had on minority groups and what this means for organisations in terms of how they handle inclusion moving forward.

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