Watch now: Putting the “I” back in “Team”

Fresh from presenting this at the Division of Occupational Psychology’s Annual Conference 2019, Laura Haycock explains how harnessing whole team dynamics can maximise individual performance and behavioural change.

This webinar outlines a successful approach to organisational change that was implemented with a Learning and Development team within a large financial services organisation in 2017. The client team was undergoing a ‘realignment exercise’ which affected team structure, team culture and individual competency requirements. The case study describes a six-month program working with the team and team leader to help address individual skills and performance but which also put this within the context of developing whole team performance. Feedback from the client described the lasting and deep impact of the intervention.

The approach was unusual as it concurrently targeted change at both the individual and team levels. Typically, organisations either target individual performance or team performance rather than both together. Within a therapeutic context, it is accepted that working with the individual alone has limited impact and yet within organisational settings there is a persistent disconnect between the “individual” and the “whole.” Drawing on “Systems Theory”, the webinar explores the benefits of supporting individual behavioural change within the context of whole team dynamics and offer suggestions for where an holistic approach could be useful within organisations.

The webinar addresses the fact that for individuals to thrive at work we cannot simply consider their behaviour and performance at an individual level alone. The individuals’ ability to engage and perform is contingent on the system within which they operate and the interaction with other individuals around them. Therefore, to achieve lasting change we need to recognise this complexity and work at multiple levels.

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