Watch Now: The Psychology of Remote Working Series

In this webinar series we will be exploring how employees can navigate the new world of remote working; including both its freedoms and its challenges. Drawing upon our own research into the psychology of remote working, performance management and leadership development, our psychologists share their advice on thriving within the world of remote work.

Understand the psychology behind how to connect with your team remotely, receive guidance on how to manage performance in a remote working environment and hear from our Senior Partner on the lessons that we have learned from whilst working from home. 

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The Psychology of Leading a Remote Team

In this webinar, the introduction to our series, Stuart Duff, Head of Leadership Development at Pearn Kandola, discusses the challenges associated with leading remote and dispersed teams. Drawing on our own research and data from our leadership development programmes, Stuart focuses on the challenges that leaders experience in developing and sustaining relationships in a remote environment, issues of managing conflict and how different communication strategies can influence the degree of trust and connection within teams.

Managing Performance in a Remote World

Many leaders raise concerns about how they should manage individual and team performance in a remote working environment. This webinar, hosted by Laura Haycock, senior psychologist at Pearn Kandola, focuses on the psychological barriers that can exist when managing performance and the challenges that managers and leaders may encounter. It provides insights from our research into the psychology of remote working and guidance for managers to support strong and effective performance management.

Adapting to Remote Working

There is an assumption within many organisations that, with the right technology and a suitable place to work, all employees will adapt quickly and effectively to remote working. Many of our expectations of work are, however, deeply embedded habits, so how easy is it to adapt to remote working? In this webinar, Stephan Lucks, Managing Psychologist at Pearn Kandola, draws on our research into the psychology of remote working and explores the influence of individual differences in the way that we adapt to remote working.

Bias and Remote Working

The national lockdown earlier this year forced many managers and leaders to adapt to remote working, but what impact has this had on bias in the workplace? In this seminar, Rob Barkworth, Managing Psychologist, looks at the different ways that remote working influences bias and inclusion, and considers the implication for leaders, team members, and employees across your organisation.

Remote Working: What Have We Learnt?

The last six months have been unprecedented in challenging established norms and rules for engaging in work. In the space of less than a week, many organisations put in place processes for remote working that would previously have taken months, if not years, to make a reality. While for many people this was a pressured and challenging experience, it has nonetheless set a precedent that will shape the future. In this, the final seminar of the series, Professor Binna Kandola OBE uses a combination of research and experience to look at what we have learnt, what we can expect in the coming years, and important issues to consider.

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