Watch now: Leadership in a Crisis

June 3, 2020 9:00 am

Business leaders are facing the most significant and challenging environment of their careers right now. Motivating, supporting, and engaging teams to work at their most effective is critical to navigating the current uncertainty and to come out the other side.

As psychologists, we know that pressure, ambiguity, and increased complexity can impact on leadership. At these times, there is a danger that we revert to ‘type’ which can impact on engagement as well as create risks to inclusion, particularly when working remotely.

This session will look at leadership in the current climate and focus on

  • The ways in which leadership strengths have the potential to be overplayed
  • How that can impact on both effectiveness of leadership and inclusion, particularly in relation to building trust, psychological safety, and strong networks within the team
  • What we can do to help leaders in these times

We will also include an introduction to our new focused and flexible coaching approach which allows leaders to work with Pearn Kandola Coaching Psychologists for one-off sessions on specific topics relating to the current climate.

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